Cowboy Dressage Year End Awards Rules

To be eligible, You must live East of the Cascades and you must go to at least 3 Cowboy Dressage Gatherings or Schooling Gatherings.  You can go to as many as you like during the year.

You must stay in the Division you chose for the year. (Open, Amateur or Youth)  

Freestyle, Liberty and Partnership on the ground classes are not eligible for Open, Amateur.  Partnership on the ground is eligible for Youth division.

Send in a copy of your 6 highest scored classes by October 31st.  Banquet will be in Central Oregon the first of November TBA. 

Send copies to: 

Marli Perry

7900 NW 19th St.

Terrebonne, OR  97760

or email to

Be sure to put your Division on your score card